Can I have more than 1 additional TV connected to my Sky Digibox?

Global offer a range of TV Distribution amplifiers to feed 2 TV's, 4 TV's & 8 TV's.

Can I have more than 1 tvLINK connected to my Sky Digibox?

Global's range of TV Distribution amplifiers will enable a tvLINK to be connected to all TV's being fed from a 2-way, 4-way or a 8-way Distribution Amplifier.

I have only recently purchased another manufacturer's TV distribution amplifier. Can I use a tvLINK?

Only Global's range of Distribution amplifiers fully supports the tvLINK. You can use our bypass kit to route the control signal around another manufacturers splitter amplifier.

When I had my Sky Set-top box installed I decide not to purchase the tvLINK.

The tvLINK is available from this website or from any good satellite retailer.

Using the tvLINK, will I only be able to see the Sky digital channel on my other TV?

The tvLINK is designed to allow you to control the SKY Digibox from another TV. You will also be able to see the same quality of TV pictures as you would from your main TV on all the TV channels.

Can I also watch my VCR on my other TV?

If you have your aerial cable connected correctly to your VCR & then in to the Sky Digibox you will be able to see the VCR channel on your second TV.

I have seen a Global distribution amplifier & it appeared not to have a mains lead. How can this be?

The Sky Digibox is able to supply sufficient power through the RF2 Output port to power up to a 4 way distribution amplifier and 4 tvLINKs and so will not require additional mains supply.

I have connected my tvLINK but the LED is NOT lit?

Disconnect the tvLINK from the back of the second TV and connect it directly onto the back of the Sky box, no cable just the tvLINK female connector into RFOut2. Make sure that it's connected the correct way round, with the LED being furthermost away from the Sky box.

If the LED does not light up, enter back into the installer menu and disable the power to RF2, save your settings, then enable power once again and save settings.

If it now lights up at this primary location you should check the cable and connectors. We recommend that you always use the tvLINK connectors supplied (download system diagram, for fitting instructions). If these are already in use make sure that you can not pull them off the end of the cable easily, as this will mean they are badly fitted.

Once the cable has been checked and all seems well, take the tvLINK back to the extended location and fit it to the end of the cable again (having already re-connected the primary end into the RF2 socket on the back of the Sky set-top box). Do not connect it to the second TV yet, does it work like this?

If the answer is 'YES' install a short length of coax between the tvLINK and the second TV, this will change the impedance and hopefully cure the problem.

If the answer is 'NO' however, there may be a piece of equipment in line that's stopping the DC getting back to the Digibox. i.e. wall plates, splitters, boosters, amplifiers, videos etc. etc.

I have connected my tvLINK, the LED is lit but I can not change the channels of my Sky box from my other TVs?

Disconnect the tvLINK from the second location and take it to your Sky set-top box. Cover the front of the Sky Set-top Box to ensure that it can not see the remote control commands. (use something substantial like a book as the infrared pickup on the front of the Sky set-top box is sensitive). Test to make sure the remote no longer works with the Sky box before continuing.

Connect the tvLINK (female connector) directly onto the back of the Digibox (no cable just the tvLINK) into RFOut2, making sure the LED is furthermost away from the Sky set-top box and that the LED is lit.

Point the remote control at the tvLINK eye and try calling up one of the menus or changing channels.

If it works at the main location the suggestion is that either something in the installation is stopping DC from getting back to the Digibox. i.e. wall plates splitters, boosters etc., or the cabling is NOT double screened and there is noise leaking through, which will also stop the signals. Harmonics can also cause a problem, try to avoid multiples of 11 metres (CT100 and Equivalent). The other thing that can cause a failure at the second location is the second TV running open circuit. This creates an impedance mismatch that can be cured by installing a small piece of coax cable between the tvLINK and the second TV.

If none of the above helps the tvLINK could be faulty and should be returned to your supplier for another one.

I have lost my tvLINK instruction guide.

To install your tvLINK follow the Installation Diagram.

To turn on the RF2 in the installer menu of your Sky set-top box:

Using your Sky Remote control in front of your Sky set-top box:

  1. Press the SERVICES button.
  2. Press the NUMBER 4 button [System Set-up].
  3. Press the 0,1 then the SELECT button [Installer menu].
  4. Press the NUMBER 4 again [RF Outlets].
  5. Press the DOWN ARROW button once [Outlet power supply].
  6. Press the SIDE ARROW button once [turning power on].
  7. Press the DOWN ARROW button once again [save new settings].
  8. Press SELECT.

If the above does not help our highly recommended Installer guide is available from http://www.tvlink.co.uk/installers-guide.htm

I have a Sky HD STB, how do I turn on RF out 2?

Using the SKYHD remote control:

  1. Press the SERVICES button
  2. Press 001 then the SELECT button
  3. Press the RIGHT arrow button across to RF OUTLETS
  4. Press the SELECT button
  5. Scroll down to RFOUTLET POWER SUPPLY
  6. Press the right arrow key and set to ON
  7. Press the GREEN button to save

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